• Themed meetings: CANCELED due to Covid-19
    Pink Village Amsterdam organises a themed meeting every two or three months, where everyone is welcome. Meetings are announced well in advance in the newsletter. If you have a subject for the meeting, which you consider to be important, send us an email
  • Museum visits and lunch
    Visit a museum and discuss a particular exhibition, followed by lunch.
  • Film: Only in small groups. Our film group goes to the movies every fourth Sunday afternoon (round about 4pm) and each second Tuesday evening (at about 7pm) in the month. Contacts: Send an email
  • Dancing: CANCELED due to Covid-19
    Together with the organisation ‘Het Open Huis’, Pink Village’s dance committee organises a PINK DANCE every month in Het Open Huis, Bilderdijkpark 12A, Amsterdam, beginning at 3pm. For 50+ LGBTQI-ers and anyone else who feels at home there. If you want to know more about dancing, ask the dance committee
  • Cycling: A few Pink Villagers have set up a cycling club and regularly organises cycling trips (spread over a day or more). If you want to join them, just send Franz a mail
  • Monthly drinks
    We organise a Pink Village drinks meeting every third Thursday in the month. We change the location every three months, so be sure to check our newsletter and website
  • Pool
    Every fortnight (even-numbered weeks) on Monday evenings. The location can change (it’s currently Poollokaal De Gracht, Nieuwe Achtergracht 110, Amsterdam), so best to mail Thea first.
  • Walking: We organize still some walks. Interested? Any questions? Send an email to Franz and Joy!
  • Bridge: We aim to play bridge regularly in different locations. If you can play bridge ( with at least 1-2 years’ experience), then come and join us. We follow the 5-card major bidding system. For more information, mail Jaap and ellekari

Keep an eye on the monthly agenda (only in Dutch), which contains all the data about the (new) activities. If you want to start up a new activity or just need more information, send us an email.